Stories of the clouds

Not sure if I am qualified enough to call myself a daydreamer but I can spend all day watching clouds in the sky. The cloud formations never cease to amaze me and they always bring me the joyous moments of imaginations.
When I knew Bee was going to be a girl, the first idea about her name I thought of was Cloud. I had about 10 names in the list and they all had something to do with clouds and sky. And the final decision was Thanh Van Ha which meant a blue cloudy river. All my family and friends said that there was no such a blue cloud let alone the whole river but I told them that's why I chose that name as my girl was going to be a special one. And yep, she was, since the Day 1, my blue cloudy river...
Since Bee left I looked at the sky and clouds more than before, partly to sooth my intense pain, partly to look for her signs which I believe will be up there. As usual, clouds never let me down. I saw more spaceships than ever, as if it responded to my silent wish of having been taken away from this earth to escape the pain and losses. I saw a phoenix, a whale a Snoopy dog...all cute animals. But there was a special cloud that I saw the other day on top of Mount Ainslie which gave me a hope that may be a sign from Bee - an infinity symbol. It was also one of the symbols that I designed for my keepsake pendant of Bee. The pendant has a shape of the cloud formed by 2 hearts connected by an infinity love symbol. The blue gems are my birthstone resemble Bee's favourite colour and meaning of her name. They also look like a pair of eyes which I hope will help Bee see what I see and by that way I can carry her with me wherever I go.
I will keep looking up at the sky as I am dreaming of seeing a blue cloud river up there, one day, soon...

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  1. How lovely to hear the story behind this cloud pic, Viv… and how Bee came by her name…. reminds me of the song ‘Moon River’ too…. You have such an inspiring and beautiful website. <3

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