Grief care packages

How to help a friend who is grieving?

It's not easy to be with grievers as they are so deep in pain and nothing much you can do to take their pain away. However, you still can do much more for them rather than just doing nothing and being scared of hurting them or saying something wrong. Just simply sit with them and show that you care. No fixing needed as they are not broken, they are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. They are in pain and love is what they need more than ever.  Compassion can be shown in many shapes of forms: sincere comforting words, specific actions or sometimes just be with them in silence...

Show that you care

Offer to bring food for them? Good idea as in those days they don't have energy to do anything or even look after themselves.

Offer to give them a drive to where they need to go? Great idea as they can not stay focused let alone manage the car.

Send them the care package? Wonderful idea as they can feel the comfort even if you are not there.

Knowing the needs of grievers in the early days of  grief journey Bee's Knees Keepsake has designed a variety of care package options which will be customised for your grieving friend. All you need to do is to send us an email with some basic information about the grieving person and we will send you the options for your to choose.


The best present you can give your grieving friend...

Your compassion, being there with them, your patience and your kindness. All those  presents never go wrong or old.

Talk about their loved one, tell them memories you had with their loved ones, show them the photos you keep of their loved ones that they may never see before, have a keepsake made for their loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, milestones.... All of those mean much for them as their loved ones may not be here physically but still live in their hearts.