Memorial Sanctuary

We are the rememberers

We created this place as our  Sanctuary where we will post pictures of our loved ones and  tribute for them on the special occasions. This will be a special place where we remember them for who they are and the life they lived.

Just send us an email to with photo of your loved one that you would like to post and some tribute you write for them and we will in upload in this Sanctuary for you.


By VivianSunshinE | April 29, 2021

Apart from manga and anime, one of Bee’s favourite books was Lemony Snicket’s ‘Unfortunate Events’ series. We also watched the film together and one of the scenes I remember the most was when the orphans held each other inside a tent that they called Sanctuary and Lemony’s voice narrating: “Sanctuary is a word which here …

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Stories of the clouds

By VivianSunshinE | April 29, 2021

Not sure if I am qualified enough to call myself a daydreamer but I can spend all day watching clouds in the sky. The cloud formations never cease to amaze me and they always bring me the joyous moments of imaginations. When I knew Bee was going to be a girl, the first idea about …

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